Satellite Dishes

Timbershore Home Owners’ Association Satellite Dish Policy

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Satellite Policy

Satellite Agreement Form

The purpose of this policy is to preserve the integrity of the roof and siding and is not intended to prohibit your ownership or installation of a satellite dish.

  1. Satellite Dishes, outdoor antennas and cable TV installations are allowed at Timbershore in compliance with FCC directives, which in part state that access to reception of satellite TV signals, HDTV broadcasts, and possibly even wireless internet access in the future, cannot be restricted by local covenants and/or city ordinances that would prohibit installation of receiving antennae on roofs except under certain circumstances (this is referred to as the Over-The-Air Reception Devices or “OTARD” Rule [47 C.F.R. 1.4000] which was adopted in 1996 by the FCC).
  1. The Timbershore Homeowners Association guidelines are that the Satellite dish or other individual antennas should be attempted to be mounted in a non-roof location if at all possible.  However if the Satellite dish or antenna must be mounted on a roof to provide adequate reception, the homeowner can only do so on their section of the rooftop that is located directly above the homeowner’s living space.
  1. A Satellite dish or other individual antennas may not be mounted on the party wall divider between the units as this is a “common area” controlled and maintained by the Association and therefore not subject to the FCC directive.
  1. Installation of any Satellite dish or other individual antennas must conform to the National Electrical Code Assoc.-NECA) and ASSOCIATION REQUIREMENTSwhich consist of the following:
    1. The satellite dish must be less than 1 meter (39.37 inches) in diameter.
    2. The wiring run shall run on the outside of the roof
    3. The wiring must route over the gutter.
    4. The wiring must be tucked under the corner siding cap and/or enter under the soffit.
    5. Shall be grounded at the closest point of entry as practical using established grounding procedures of NECA.
  1. The homeowner is solely responsible for the cost of installation, maintenance, and repair.  Any damage caused to the roof or exterior siding of the home is the homeowner’s responsibility.  Such damage will be repaired by the Board at the homeowner’s expense immediately upon discovery of such damage.  The Association conducts exterior inspections at least annually.  The Association Board also investigates reports from homeowners impacted by such damage.
  1. Prior to installation of any new satellite dish or individual antennas, a homeowner shall seek written approval from the Association’s Board of Directors.  The homeowner, who seeks to have a satellite dish or outdoor antenna, must sign an installation and maintenance agreement with the Board.  This agreement includes an acknowledgement by the homeowner of the policy’s requirements and that the homeowner understands and will follow the requirements.  This agreement must be signed prior to installation.  See attached form.
  1. Satellite dishes or other individual antennas shall be a standard stock neutral color offered by the provider.
  1. A certificate of insurance, which verifies appropriate insurance coverage for the installer, must be submitted to the Board prior to installation
  1. For those people with satellites already, a copy of the form must be on file with the Association indicating that the installation has been inspected and approved by the Board.