Please note that these documents have been edited for this web site. the Timbershore Board of Directors, The Timbershore Homeowner’s Association Inc. and it’s associates will not be held liable for any typographical errors or omissions. These Documents are for reference only and are not legal documents.

Homeowner Rules and RegulationsHomeowner Rules and Regulations
By-LawsThis is the document that governs what the Board does, and defines the terms and responsibilities of each officer. In short this describes the structure of the Association and lays out the mechanism for collecting assessments (dues) among other things. Here is where you would find out lengths of terms of each board member, when meetings are supposed to be held etc.
Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and EasementsThis is a legal document that is attached to your property deed at Dakota County. Its the legal "hook" that allows the Association to enforce its policies. Without this, there would be no Association. This is the first document that gets filed with the county recorders office before the developer even starts to build. This where you would find out what a class A member is, as well as the way dues are collected, among others. This has been referred to as "The Constitution" of Timbershore.
Articles of IncorporationThis document is the incorporation papers that were filed with the State of Minnesota that established the THA as a legal corporation. This is required for all homeowners associations and serves as the legal foundation so the association can collect dues, elect officers, and establish rules.
First AmendmentThis document is the rental cap amendment.
Second AmendmentThis document is the master insurance amendment.